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We facilitate Learning beyond Academics!

What makes us the best schools in Jodhpur is our curriculum that perfectly blends academics with co-curricular activities. Our children are exposed to an environment that effortlessly brings together the strands of academic learning, sports and other activities that lead to holistic development. We lead a school today and our children will lead the world tomorrow. Hence, it is important for them to become globally competent, responsible and independent.


Expeditions at B.R.Birla is an exciting opportunity for students to observe how they learn a topic in the classroom and play out in real life. One of the main benefits of school excursions is the interactive session during these trips.

Such field trips allow students to freely interact with friends, teachers, and others. Educational excursions also involve the interaction of a third person who is not a teacher or a part of the school management. The purpose of all this is to make children competent, interactive, and lifelong learners.

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Class Activities

A classroom at B.R. Birla Public School is not just a space enclosed by four walls, it signifies a learner’s vibe and love towards the process. We ensure to keep our classrooms interactive and energetic through various activities that demand the involvement of every child.

Our creative classroom activities enhance brainstorming and assumptions busting. Fostering creativity through activities can range from simple team-building exercises to complex ones. These activities are carried out in a supportive environment that plays an important role in the development of a child.

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Special Assembly

Assembly is an important feature of B.R. Birla Public School’s routine. They also form a significant part of the school’s curriculum. They are a means to create a positive, reflective ethos and promote value-based education. They powerfully nurture the development of intrapersonal intelligence.

Special Assemblies are conducted to celebrate all the major religious festivals of India. The students present short skits, and dances accompanied by songs sung by the Indian and Western Music Choir. These assemblies are informative as they show the importance and the reason for the celebration of the particular festival.

Social Initiatives

In our endeavor to make our students globally responsible citizens, social initiatives and community programs are an integral part of their life on campus. While avenues are identified, it is with great pride to realize that all our community programs have been student-driven initiatives.

It is a vision of the best CBSE school in Jodhpur to facilitate thriving future generations that work towards the upliftment of the entire society and helps in creating a new and happy picture of the world we live in! We strive to bring about this sense of balance in students, to help them apply what they learn with humility and wisdom so that the end result will be harmonious and productive.

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